About Me

Hi, I am Nilesh Mahajan.

I am from Pune, India. In Aug 2020, I quit my job and started my quest to become an entrepreneur.

In my past, I have over 13 years of professional work experience. My experience history is available here. https://www.linkedin.com/in/nkmahajan/

In my last 5 years at Uber, I led a focussed team of 6 that optimizes all forms of network communication over unreliable mobile networks between mobile apps and datacenter at Uber Scale. We built various forms of gateways in Uber's Edge Platform e.g. API gateway, real-time streaming gateways, Files Upload/Downloads, Image Optimizations on CDNs, etc. These gateways serve over 0.5M requests/second and served pushes via 1.3M concurrent streaming connections.

To know what I am up to, follow me online on Twitter.