How to get out of comfort zone?

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There is a popular saying - life begins at the end of the comfort zone. Unfortunately, many people struggle to get out of their comfort zones. They want to do more in life, but they’re afraid to challenge themselves. Ultimately, prolonged exposure to this comfort kills their ambitions, dreams, and growth. However, there are easy ways by which you can turn around your mind to fix this.

Throughout my life, I have moved to many cities across 2 countries. I have changed my jobs and work domains. I now work in a startup environment. Many of these experiments went well while others didn't. I have had many moments of self-doubt during these. But one thing for sure is - I have never regretted taking chances.

From my experiences, sharing a few things you should remember when you are worried about trying something out of your comfort zone -

1. There is never a good time to do anything.

"It's not a good time" is a common excuse your mind tells you when you are about to do something new. The truth is you can never be ready to do something new. So you should just do it anyway.

2. Don’t take yourself too seriously

The world around us identifies us as engineers, managers, etc. But you have to remember that there is more to you than what the world defines. Don't let their perception of you become your reality. Be naive and let yourself fail.

3. Take incremental risks periodically

Taking risks always feel challenging. But if you cultivate risk-taking as a habit, you can draw tremendous strength from your past risky experiences. Each time, your risk pays off, you will feel confident to take on something bigger. And when you fail, be ready to learn from it.

4. Stay optimistic

Human minds were designed pessimistic. The modern world is not as risky as our mind thinks. We don't realise but most decisions are reversible with a little cost. Also, If you are diligent in your information gathering and planning, you can reduce the impact of failure.

Ultimately, remember to enjoy every new thing you try. You will discover so many things about yourself by repeatedly going out of your comfort zone.

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