Startup Progress: After Month #2

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It's been 2 months since I quit my job to work for myself. Unfortunately, I did not write my progress at the end of the 1st month. So putting learnings of both months in this single post. I hope to be more regular with this after this.

Here are the lessons I learned -

1. Build an Audience

I have started out fresh. I was a senior engineer inside a company but for the outside world, I am no one. Why would anyone buy something from me? I need to build that credibility for my future customers. That credibility has to be built brick by brick.

A lot of entrepreneurs are consciously spending time doing this with blogs, tweets, videos, newsletters, etc. Building an audience that shares your interest is as important as building the product itself.

It has 2 effects -

  • While you will be ready with your product, you will have access to a really good network for it. Both product and audience building takes time and can be done in parallel.
  • Opportunities come to you instead of you knocking the doors.

This is very hard but not impossible.

2. "Try and Fail" Vs "Imagine and Abort"

A lot of time in my first month was spent in thinking excessively about ideas, their potential, and researching about them. Being an engineer at the core, I have a tendency to research a lot and poke holes. That built up tremendous pessimism and confusion on what I should work on. I was stuck in analysis paralysis.

The lesson here is no idea is rock solid and it is important to explore and fail. But in that process, I get to talk with people and build MVP. These are sometimes very good triggers for new ideas.

3. Let go the fear of failure

I think this is the hardest thing to learn. It holds me back from sharing my unpolished ideas and prototypes. Failures and mistakes should be looked at much more positively.

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