What engineering teams mean 😉 when they say -

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1. "I couldn't find any documentation"

"I have the best excuse to not start working on it right away"

2. "Why don't you write some documentation as you ramp up?"

"You have complained enough. Now, let's see what you can do."

3. "I have some internal news"

"I heard a rumour and I am happy to spread it forward"

4. "I am going to rewrite this whole thing"

"I am applying for promotion next cycle and this seems like a perfect opportunity."

5. "We are doing a reorg"

"I want to show the upper management that I am doing something to fix your incompetence. Kiss goodbye to your careers".

6. "We need to set the bar higher"

"The upper management told me the same thing during my last evaluation".

7. "I hate the new policy"

"I was really enjoying this loophole"

8. "We need a better process"

"You are sh*ting all over the place. We need to put a fence around you".

9. "I want you to drive this thing forward"

"I don't see many options here but I am going to portray it as an opportunity for you"

10. "There is a hiring freeze"

"Take a hint, it is going to be downhill from here".

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