Why did I sign up for a cohort course on writing?

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I left my previous job a year back. Then I took a break of 5-6 months. During that time, I got time to read a lot of books. I followed some interesting influencers like @naval or @david_perell . Their writings - tweets and blogs really changed the way I looked at life. Following some of the advice, I felt the need to improve my writing skills. I got excited, set up a blog and wrote a few. But it turned out harder than I imagined.

The main problem was, I didn't have much writing experience before. So whenever I would sit to write, I kept thinking - is it a good topic, am I making sense? After spending hours writing something, many times I could not summon the courage to hit publish.

Few months back, I discovered this cohort course on writing via twitter. My immediate reaction was - I am 35 years old. I am too old to sign up for such a course. With a kid at home and a hectic job, it doesn't look feasible.

A few more months went by without much progress. Eventually I decided to give it a try for below reasons -

1. Quantity over quality

The world has convinced us that quality is often more important than quantity. But the truth is quality starts improving after producing a lot of quantity. Look at sportsmen, musicians or even coders. They all get better by practicing over and over.

2. Habit over motivation

I wasn't producing much because I used to write whenever I felt like it. I needed to build a habit. A cohort course of 30 days can help me do that.

3. Shorter feedback loop

Previously, I was writing occasionally. So feedback => improvement loop was too long. Having to write 30 essays in 30 days means I can get feedback everyday and I can apply it the next day.

4. Find like minded people

A cohort course is the fastest way to connect with people who share the same passion. This will help me make new friends and be part of a community.

So far, this is going well. I guess I am not that old after all.

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